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My Credit Helper – Who Choose Us

MyCreditHelper is the best choice for your credit restoration because of our proven track record and comprehensive credit building approach.  Our program offers distinct advantages that ensure your success with positive credit both now and in the future.  With our expertise and 100% money-back guarantee, you are certain to be satisfied with your experience.

Proven Success

proven sucessImproving your credit score will have a huge impact on your financial success, which is why you need a credit restoration company that knows what it’s doing.  During a decade of experience, MyCreditHelper has corrected nearly 700,000 items from inaccurate credit reports.  From late payments to foreclosures, our team of credit experts has consistently found success in removing erroneous or outdated information for our clients, and we are ready to do the same for you.  We operate our own credit union in full compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and have a stellar rating with the Better Business Bureau, so let our reputation and history become an asset for you as you begin your credit restoring journey.

A Better Process

MyCreditHelper offers an innovative approach to customer service that keeps you updated throughout the entire credit restoration process.  You will receive regular updates that let you know exactly where you stand, including which items have successfully been removed from your report.  As an enrollee, you will have access to your online portal, which will allow you to log in and view your status at any time, day or night.  This unique approach allows you to closely monitor your progress so that you will never feel left in the dark.  And if you ever have any questions, our customer support team will be available to answer either by email or phone for your convenience.

Flat Fee

Many credit restoration companies require month-to-month fees, or even charge for each separate dispute letter.  This can result in huge unexpected costs and additional fees.  MyCreditHelper offers its services for one flat fee, so you know right up front what it will cost.  Don’t get caught off guard by other companies who promise low rates and then surprise you with hidden costs.  Let MyCreditHelper start saving you money today with our superior credit restoration process.

Lasting Results

At MyCreditHelper, we understand that maintaining your good credit as you move forward is just as important as making the decision to restore your credit in the first place.  That’s why we also offer the positive credit builder program along with our credit restoration process.  The positive credit building program is a great opportunity to learn all about your credit score and how both positive and negative practices affect it.

The first step in the program is an in-depth analysis of your credit report, explaining what each item is and what it means for your score.  Next, you will learn how your score was calculated and the impact of each of the different components.  You will discover which financial practices are contributing to higher interest rates and insurance premiums, and then find out how much you could be saving with improved practices.  MyCreditHelper provides quality credit education so that your continued success is guaranteed.  Make the educated choice to let MyCreditHelper help you repair your credit today!

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