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Updated 8-15-16

Are you tired of not qualifying for new lines of credit? Are you having trouble securing a new home loan, renegotiating your mortgage payments, getting a new credit card, or finding a decent insurance premium? Are you fed up with the constant harassment from collection agencies and want to make them stop calling? Are you facing the difficulties of foreclosure or repossession, and you’re nervous about how it will affect your credit? If any of these apply to you, then you need an experienced credit expert who can help get you back on track to achieving financial success. Our team represents one of the most experienced credit education companies around, and has helped our clients restore their credit by contesting all kinds of obsolete or erroneous items on their credit scores. Call My Credit Helpers today to find out how they can improve your score!

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We have removed over 600,000 items from individuals credit reports. See testimonials from our past clients and research credit restoration companies…


Keeping A Low Credit Score Is A Huge Financial Risk

  • More than half of recently asked employers said they looked at credit history to help them decide on new hires!
  • Keeping a low credit score can cost you $200,000 and up over the course of your lifetime
  • Nearly 80% of credit scores contain errors or inaccuracies that lower your score
  • Even with a decent score, credit restoration can save you thousands on interest rates or help secure you a higher line of credit
  • A low credit score can even keep you from qualifying for a retailer’s credit card or gas card